It is the most qualified center for biofiber in Dubai and hair implantation Dubai
By certified Biofiber in Dubai under local anesthesia.

It is a very safe operation for hair implantation Dubai . We implant BF certified medical hair (done all over the world) technique in which We are the only center implanting one by one hair to look very natural and we are the only center using certified biofiber Middle East material.
No Side effects, Rapid procedure, painless after local anesthesia, and done for males and females.
Shaker Center has the complete and optimally formulated solution for biofiber in Dubai,Emirates and hair implantation Dubai. We enable the gentle reshaping of contours and volumes to give a new harm ony to figure and face.
Dr.sherine shaker is the first and most qualified doctor to perform hair implantation in Middle East and Dubai,Emirates.
In Dubai healthcare city :

From 26/12 : 29/12 in imperial healthcare institute.
Telephone : 44393737
Mobile : 00201222148466
Address: Building degree 27(A) - 1st floor.

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